What I learned after reading 500 articles about writing skills?

joshgun karimov
3 min readSep 12, 2022
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I do not remember the exact date that marks the beginning of this saga. But I remember the moment which prompted me to start reading such things. Steven King is to be blamed for his book about the craft which has a simple name. (On the Writing.) When reading his instruction guide one feels thirsty with every additional gulp of water? He gives you a unique tour to his works and life. When you finish that book you wonder if there is something else that may add to your craft?

500 articles later, I finally know why I read them all. You may think of obvious answers such as learning about the craft, developing linguistic abilities, building better plot, characters, suspense and making words much sexier.

None of these reasons, can hide the truth. The truth is simple.

“While reading such articles you think you are a big deal.”

Every single article caters to my need of belonging to this group we call “authors”. I think if I read them then I must be that author in the making. Am I? None of the articles will answer this question for me?

What is worse than reading a piece about writing? It is to write a piece about it. Now you feel stuck in this loop where people who feel they are a big deal help you to feel the same way.

I must admit that some of the articles were great reminders of the times when I gave my best grind. Some of them were lousy and pathetic. Some gave me insights to the publishing world. Some gave me nothing. Not even a single thing.

Am I going to read some more? I am pretty sure that Medium will put some catchy headlines flashing at me from the screen. But reality will not change. No article has that answer or green light effect. All of them are desperate attempts to speculate on the outcome.

We all learn tough lessons about this craft only when we get onto the field. We show what we have and people show their interest or its lack. We think this part is going to explode but it does not. Readers find ways to amuse us.

We think our story will be discovered but it gets rejected so often that we hate getting out to see some sun light. Exposure hurts but it also builds our immunity. What is in my mind after writing 6 books? Books are pit stops. They help us to stop for a while.

I love words. 500 articles do me a favor by showering me with them.

I love stories. Especially, ones that are waiting to be written. There is so much to write about. There are so many variation to play with.

I love people who write about writing. There is some mysterious cause that unites everyone that does it. We all serve common idea. We all are in this together. Some of us will be big and the rest will do their best.

They will give their best fight.

We will say that we gave our all.



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