Silence Before the Storm

joshgun karimov
2 min readOct 16, 2023

“Silence before the storm.”

I relate to this phrase a lot. Especially 2–3 minutes before the training sessions are mystically quiet. I anticipate the action and noise that will come in with the participants. Their opinions, their questions and their time will lead the flow.

Monday is also a silent day before the days of storms. It is a week starter and I walk silently to the office in order to plan the upcoming steps.

Silence between the partners is a signal that the storm will approach their relationship. It will take no hostages and the house will be empty after the hit.

Creators love hiding in their caves where there is total silence and immersion into the craft itself.

Once they come out with a result noise does not wait and this noise raises some major awareness.

Silence before the storm is so poetic. It is when no one expects you to make it happen and you do make it happen. It is when you work hard everyday and no one is watching. It is when you build your skills from a scratch and continue pushing the envelope.

Then you make the buzz. Headlines have your name. People make noise when you are in the room.

But you are loyal to the eternal silence. It is almost ritualistic. You know that your spring of inspiration comes from the mountains that are not loud. Their fields whisper the content daily.

And then there is music. It makes you move in a totally different direction. When you type with music there is no silence in your heart. It rushes out. It spills what has been hiding there for years. Rhythm becomes your master and beats become your friends.

Your heart and brain are storming.



joshgun karimov

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