Paradox of travelling around the world

joshgun karimov
3 min readSep 15

Dear Gochi,

Why do we travel? I have a theory about it. Most of us travel because there is something inside of our house that we do not want to and cannot solve. It is way better to leave that house for some time with a hope that new places will make us forget or at least become distracted.

Millions of tourists every year do not travel just because it is a superb marketing strategy of major corporations. They do not simply pack up because their job is accomplished and they will get a deserved rest. On the contrary, they do so because they can not stand their community or corporate environment anymore. They do so because they need oxygen and strange places to forget about all that bothers them.

In this regard traveling is an act of painkilling which occasionally adds up to our pain.

I was reading about Buddha in the morning. He left his kingdom to find answers and basically he traveled across his country. He looked for something that did not exist. He was happy because he was away from home. He was happy because regardless of the outcome, returning to that place was not an option.

Later, he understood that this travel is costly on his health and he decided to sit and do meditation. Meditation is the cheapest way of traveling. All you need to do is to close your eyes and you are no longer in your dreadful location. Make some ritualistic sounds and you eliminate the noise of reality.

Meditation is cheap but also a laborious act. A lot of breathing is required until you reach a state where the body can stay on the autopilot.

Cliché knocks us all out when we reach that top or borderline. We all know that it is our time to return. Return to who we are. Return to our roots or main identity. What is the point of Everest if it is not a story that will later be told to your family or community.

Those who climb or go into deserts together are not family to each other. They are united by the fact that they all left their families behind. They all have someone waiting for them or at least thinking about them.

In all this maze there are people who do not like traveling at all. They dwell perfectly well in their location. Their reality is dominant and this domination is…

joshgun karimov

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