Money Lost its Lust

joshgun karimov
2 min readSep 3, 2022
İmage taken from Sputnik Azerbaijan

Money lost its prestige.
You enter the supermarket to discover how helpless it is when tackling the list of goods that every household needs. It melts immediately. It vanishes and sends no postcards from the sunny resorts.
Our 100 Manats are like gladiators today. Gladiators usually had to wait in a dark room before the bloody fight. They would hear the roar of the Coliseum. They would anticipate the immediate extermination. They would pray not to be killed with sheer violence. But every gladiator knew that their end was inevitable. They knew about cuts, bruises and slaughter. So does our money.
Every manat we make knows that once the gates of the wallet (dark room) open they will be tormented like never before. Bills, obligations, payments, subscriptions, weddings, gifts, fines, food, leisure will attack first. Then comes the health issues. God forbid if you have some illness. Your money goes wild. Then you spend on things that you did not plan or want. There should be the upside to the story. Sometimes you spend it on little perks which create an illusion that life is pink.
Spending money should be fun. It should not make you an astro-physicist trying to calculate the infinite financial survival trajectory or the orbit of buffer cash zone.
Miraculously though people find ways to survive. We find ways to earn, multiply and spend more. We are so resourceful. Every gladiator idealized the Spartacus. He resisted. Spartacus is the money that can survive the initial spending. It is the money that waits for investment opportunity and strikes. Most of the strikes fail. Few of them become lethal and they are powerful enough to crush Rome. (Financial Rat Race)



joshgun karimov

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