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List of books, slides and videos for upgrading your speaking and presenting skills.

joshgun karimov
2 min readFeb 21, 2019
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Every time I do “Mastery of Speech” sessions, my students and clients ask the same old popular question:

“Which books, slide decks and videos will put me into the “TOP” game of speaking and presenting?”

List of 10 books that will give you the needed ingredients for impacting while speaking and presenting:

  1. How to deliver a TED Talk? — by Jeremey Donovan
  2. Resonate — by Nancy Duarte
  3. Talk like TED — by Carmine Gallo
  4. Presentation Zen — by Garr Reynolds
  5. Tell to Win — by Peter Guber
  6. Enchantment — by Guy Kawasaki
  7. This is Marketing — by Seth Godin
  8. TED TALKS — by Chris Anderson (Head of TED)
  9. Pitch Anything — by Oren Klaff
  10. The One Thing — by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

List of slide decks you need to see in order to get some ideas and tips about slides that are “sexy”, “eye-friendly”, “audience considered” and “to the point”

  1. Death by Power Point — by Alexei Kapterev
  2. Enchantment v3.0 — by Guy Kawasaki
  3. Idea Generation and Development for Startups — by Malcolm Lewis
  4. AirBnB Pitch Deck — by Malcolm Lewis
  5. How to Become a Presenter — by Joshgun Karimov

List of 10 videos for building the momentum and format of your speech. (Your character as a speaker.)

  1. “I see something in you” — by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (World Speaking Champion of 2014)
  2. “On the importance of the free speech” — by Jordan Peterson
  3. “The Pain of Changing Yourself” — by Nido Qubein
  4. “How to spread ideas” — by Seth Godin
  5. “TED’s secret to great public speaking” — by Chris Anderson
  6. “Neil Gaiman on writing” — Q and A session
  7. “Daniel Day Lewis winning best actor Lincoln”
  8. “Denzel Washington’s Speech to his follow actors”
  9. “Greatness Is Upon You” — by Eric Thomas
  10. “How to start a speech” — by Conor Neil

End Note:

This library is a starting point and it needs more books, more slide decks, more videos. But this library is that “starting point” which will make you confident enough to begin the journey and upgrade your skills.

Remember that you need to grow three major muscles:

  1. Writing
  2. Speaking
  3. Delivering

Above mentioned library has barbels for each of these muscles.

Your speeches need a captivating start.

They require a flawless momentum.

They openly wish for a stimulating and an inspirational end.

Enjoy the journey of “becoming” masters of your speeches and presentations.



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