A diary of an artist who found his way

joshgun karimov
3 min readApr 6, 2020
Sketches made by Paul Gauguin into his diary about Tahiti, Noa Noa

“Where do we come from and where are we going?”

I happened to read a book by Dan Brown. It is very strange of me to do such thing. Although, being locked into a house for a long time requires being strange for sure. His book was bravely named “Origin”. You may guess, it was yet another attempt to find out the answer. Yet another failure. But a beautiful one. He is not a master of prose. This was what I thought during the first chapter. Then I found myself turning the last dozen of pages in a quest to see what professor Langdon will find out. Professor is really good at identifying the symbols and telling their original story. I will not spoil the book for those who plan to discover it on their own terms. I will just mention my favorite moment when he confronts the masterpiece by Paul Gauguin which carries the identical name “where do come from and where are we going”.

Paul was no ordinary soul. He never settled for less. He always had a quest for ideas and beauty. He deserted France to live in Tahiti. He discovered that place like no other painter did. He discovered his new artistic aspiration while communicating with locals. He was taking diary which later would become Noa Noa book. I read his book when I newly started tasting bitter-sweet life with load of responsibilities and obligations. The ones that distract your soul from its course, I would dare to admit. I did not have any literary ambitions. Young soul of mine was busy going through a romantic phase. Love and emotions were manipulating my naive soul into latter despair. Soon I realized that art matters to me more than anything else. No, I did not jump into painting. I jumped into typing my portraits from words. Writing gives me chills. Soon I realized that I need to find my Tahiti and my way. Gauguin and his diary came in handy. I was obsessively reading his letters to Monfred. (His close friend.) He was shaping me for upcoming years of a strange journey which leaves you exhausted and happy at the same time. I gradually found my voice and made barbaric yawps on the rooftops of the world.

Paul started in France, then he settled in Tahiti. Today his greatest work is enjoying a stay in Boston. Painters put their soul into each work. As their works travel, so do their hearts. My books traveled to places like New Zealand and Australia. This feeling gives me goosebumps.

Every time I hear Noa Noa, sentimentality rises up to its maximum level. Recently I found Keanu Reeves reading this book live for an audience. It was quite an experience for his fans and fans of Paul Gauguin.

If you are an aspiring artist, writer, musician you need to spend some time with Gauguin and his works. You need to find his painting and look for 15 symbols that summarize our lives according to him.



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